Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Warcraft3 Ranking plug-in fiasco

Today I thought about projects I did in the past and came up with an interesting one. The idea was to provide gameplay statistics for all Warcraft3 user created custom  games. But it ended up in a total collapse.

Battle.Net collects statistics for chosen ladder games. But there are a lot of popular games like DotA, TowerDefense. Also I wanted to gather statistics across various servers.

I created Warcraft3 plug-in which was installed on a client machine.
During a game plug-in collects player name, stats like gathered resources, killed heros, win team.
I created web site to collect those data.

My goal was to "imrove" (read create) Blizzard API for extending Warcraft3. But those guys hack Warcraft3 gameplay and do other nasty things.

If Blizzard created such API they would think about authentication mechanism. You can't create a system on hacked API because everyone else can do the same.

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